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Thursday, July 8, 2010


my favorite snack of the day!! im too lazy too cook so im gonna rely to my
super duper awesome MICROWAVE!! hehehe

damn it! i was too hungry to wait till it warms up a lil..staring at this
pic makes me wanna eat the screen!! hehe

yes..yes..yes!! i love MOCHI!!!!


KIM wrote me the sweetest note!!! she always know how to make my day.
she is very artistic - she loves to draw random things. create her fictional characters with
the most ridiculous stories!! hehehe. she is my lil sunshine!!

depression is an UGLY word.

It gets tough sometimes,especially being a stay at home mom of 2 kids. no one there
to comfort me in my time of need but my cigarettes. I know people don't agree to this
habit. some may find it disgusting and un-lady like. Let me say this one more time..
i don't give a tiny rat's ass!!! of what u think of me. im a grown ass woman who knows
the consiquences of my actions.
Never have i smoked near my kids, i always tell KIM to not ever smoke cuz
its bad for u. i know im not setting a good example by doing this or letting my kids
know about this disgusting habit. I am HUMAN and i have FLAWS.
I am weak..why u asked?? i gave up my life, my everything for these kids..
my LOVE is unconditional. but here's what ive learned so far..i should
care more about my health for my kids. i love em so much that i can't smoke my life away.
i need GOD in my life. that's all that is missing lately.

g0odies!!! from sallys and walmart

went to SALLYS beauty supply store to find this, sadly they only had one in stock!!
let's cross our fingers n hopefully this will be enough!
i know after i strip the permanent hair dye from my hair its going to need some
serious moisturizing. so i bought this for now, its smells so damn good!!

ok this one was recommended by my BFF - ASIA
she said it works wonders for my mosquito scars or any
discoloration on ur body. so imma give this a try.
super cheap - 4.95

got this one from walmart- yes i will do highlights this time, i learned
my lesson bleaching my ENTIRE HEAD! UGH! what a
nightmare that was!!
if u follow my FB postings- i posted about dye-ing my hair back
to this color plus the highlights. i personally dont like being too
PLAIN!! i get bored so easily, esp when it comes to my hair.
V 05- for deep conditioning after =)

time to BEAUTIFY ladies!! i like to take care of my skin.
after using this clay mask, my face will feel like a baby's
butt!! hahaha
~ that concludes today's HAUL!! n of course i will post
more pix when i start using these products n give an outstanding
reviews one them!!! ciao BITCHES!!


sup ladies n gents!! its ur girl MIMI. Ive finally gave in n decided to make a
blog!! (ohh dear GOD!!) i have a lot of thoughts about random stuff that sometimes
i dont feel the need to share it with josh. lol..its a girl thing!! n i know he was just
picturing me NAKED as i speak. LOL!
so WELCOME once again to my BLOG!! and dont hesitate to ask me any
questions about makeup related shit or random stupid questions.