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Thursday, July 8, 2010

g0odies!!! from sallys and walmart

went to SALLYS beauty supply store to find this, sadly they only had one in stock!!
let's cross our fingers n hopefully this will be enough!
i know after i strip the permanent hair dye from my hair its going to need some
serious moisturizing. so i bought this for now, its smells so damn good!!

ok this one was recommended by my BFF - ASIA
she said it works wonders for my mosquito scars or any
discoloration on ur body. so imma give this a try.
super cheap - 4.95

got this one from walmart- yes i will do highlights this time, i learned
my lesson bleaching my ENTIRE HEAD! UGH! what a
nightmare that was!!
if u follow my FB postings- i posted about dye-ing my hair back
to this color plus the highlights. i personally dont like being too
PLAIN!! i get bored so easily, esp when it comes to my hair.
V 05- for deep conditioning after =)

time to BEAUTIFY ladies!! i like to take care of my skin.
after using this clay mask, my face will feel like a baby's
butt!! hahaha
~ that concludes today's HAUL!! n of course i will post
more pix when i start using these products n give an outstanding
reviews one them!!! ciao BITCHES!!

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