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Thursday, July 8, 2010

depression is an UGLY word.

It gets tough sometimes,especially being a stay at home mom of 2 kids. no one there
to comfort me in my time of need but my cigarettes. I know people don't agree to this
habit. some may find it disgusting and un-lady like. Let me say this one more time..
i don't give a tiny rat's ass!!! of what u think of me. im a grown ass woman who knows
the consiquences of my actions.
Never have i smoked near my kids, i always tell KIM to not ever smoke cuz
its bad for u. i know im not setting a good example by doing this or letting my kids
know about this disgusting habit. I am HUMAN and i have FLAWS.
I am weak..why u asked?? i gave up my life, my everything for these kids..
my LOVE is unconditional. but here's what ive learned so far..i should
care more about my health for my kids. i love em so much that i can't smoke my life away.
i need GOD in my life. that's all that is missing lately.

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